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About Us - Silica Gel India
Established in 1996, Ravi Industries is one of the largest Indian manufacturers of Silica Gel. The Company is based in Delhi and has the facility of manufacturing silica right from the start i.e. manufacturing of basic raw material sodium silicate which has been in process since 1950 and are pioneers in the industry.
We offer a wide spectrum of products of absorbants, breathers & dessicants.We not only manufacture the end products but also package them in house.This helps us to maintain the stringent quality control right from the basics hence delivering the high quality & prompt service of the end product to our valued customers keeping us ahead in the race of best and service delivery.
We have variety of satisfied customers right from small organizations to the multinationals and we enjoy good reputation with our clientelle.
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Our Products are:
  1. Sodium Silcate
  2. Silica Gel
  3. Indicating Silica Gel
  4. Non Indicating Silica Gel
  5. Using Silica Gel
  6. Allied Desicant Products
  7. Silica Gel(DMF Free)
  8. Bulk Packs
  9. Cargo Dry
  10. Silica Gel Sachets
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