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We are manufacturers of sodium silicate for over five decades our experience & knowledge has made us the leaders in this fields.Our clientage includes big corporate groups as well as small units.

sodium silicate is known as water glass. sodium silicate is a combination of various proportions of silica & soda ash depending on the grade of Sodium silicate.

Types of Sodium Silicate:
          1. Neutral Grade
          2  Alkaline Grade

Field of application

Neutral grade is used In the following Industries manufacturing silica gel .Silica sol. zeolites.white carbon. etc.

used as an enslave In corrugated boxes. In fire prooting. In water prooting, soft consolidation, cement, Egg preservation (with shell) etc.

Alkaline grade is used In welding rod coatIng. tounanes. Paper manufacturing, Soaps & detergent manufacturing etc.

Packing method

      -> Tank Lorry
      -> Drum (200 Lts)

Technical Data :

Appearance      :  Colorless liquid.
Boiling point    :  102 g for a 40% aqueous solution
Specific gravity :  1.3 for a 40% solution
Be                  :  35-37 for neutral grade
                        48-52 for alkaline grade.
Sodium           : silica ratio - 1:3.3 for neutral grade
                                         1 :2.1 for alkaline grade.

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